Cameras for a kid

John sessomsj at
Thu Mar 8 15:12:35 EST 2018

Probably a smart phone. I don't think today's kids have much use for
real cameras.

OTOH, if the kid's really into science, he might be interested in film
and darkroom - in which case, a K1000 + SMC-P 50mm 1:1.4 might just
be the ticket.

If she wants him to jump right into digital, get him the cheapest Nikon
kit from Costco. Anything but Canon.

I think he'd probably get more out of the K1000, but I've been told
more than once that I'm out of touch with what kids are into today.
About all I do remember is how much it annoyed me when I was 12 to
have some geezer telling me what was "good for me".

Has she asked the grandson what kind of camera he wants?

On 3/8/2018 09:30, Eric Weir wrote:
> A sister has asked me for advice on a beginning camera for her
> grandson. He’s 12, intelligent, creative, self-disciplined—all-in-all
> pretty precocious about many things. I have my own thoughts, which
> may not be best, but wondered what y’all might recommend.
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