Experience with third-party batteries

Larry Colen lrc at red4est.com
Mon Mar 5 18:05:34 EST 2018

At one point I did a test where every time I'd change batteries I'd take 
a photo of the battery I had just replaced. By using the shutter count 
I'd have an idea of how many photos I got out of each battery.

In short, on the K-5ii(?) I saw no significant difference in performance 
between pentax branded and cheap batteries, and no I don't remember the 
brand.  I've noticed that the K-1 uses batteries up a LOT faster.  My 
thought is that third party batteries are really cheap and bringing a 
couple as spares doesn't add a whole lot of weight in your luggage and 
can make life a lot easier if you don't actually charge everything up 
the night before, or you lose one.  You don't have to carry everything 
with you in your backpack all the time.

Mark Roberts wrote:
> Can anyone recommend options for third-party batteries for Pentax? I'm
> specifically referring to the D-Li90 type used in pretty much
> everything from the K-7 up to the K-1.
> There are a lot of options out there with varying specifications and
> user reports vary even more wildly. One resourceful buyer who wrote an
> Amazon review actually measured the discharge rate of a so-called
> 2100mAh battery and found it to be around 1100mAh. Mind you, for less
> than $10.00 that would still be an attractive alternative to the
> $50.00 Pentax OEM battery if I did all my work in the studio! But when
> trekking through Yorkshire on the Pennine Way in May I'd like to get
> longer battery life than that; I'm planning on carrying two batteries
> - one in the camera and one in my pack - and recharging every night.
> I'm not a machine gunner so even with GPS on that should work out if
> battery life is reasonable.

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