Experience with third-party batteries

Ken Waller kwaller at peoplepc.com
Mon Mar 5 11:45:57 EST 2018

Mark, I've been using several D-L190 s from Watson for several years and haven't noted any significant differences relative to the Pentax battery.
I haven't done any objective testing but I have no reason not to buy more if needed. Mine are around three years old and still going strong.
I got them from B+H.

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>From: Mark Roberts <postmaster at robertstech.com>
>Subject: Experience with third-party batteries
>Can anyone recommend options for third-party batteries for Pentax? I'm
>specifically referring to the D-Li90 type used in pretty much
>everything from the K-7 up to the K-1. 
>There are a lot of options out there with varying specifications and
>user reports vary even more wildly. One resourceful buyer who wrote an
>Amazon review actually measured the discharge rate of a so-called
>2100mAh battery and found it to be around 1100mAh. Mind you, for less
>than $10.00 that would still be an attractive alternative to the
>$50.00 Pentax OEM battery if I did all my work in the studio! But when
>trekking through Yorkshire on the Pennine Way in May I'd like to get
>longer battery life than that; I'm planning on carrying two batteries
>- one in the camera and one in my pack - and recharging every night.
>I'm not a machine gunner so even with GPS on that should work out if
>battery life is reasonable.
>Mark Roberts - Photography & Multimedia

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