PDML member in Switzerland

John sessomsj at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 1 15:10:57 EST 2018

Ok, that brings up another question. That was 2006, before I joined the

There ain't no Frappr map anymore. The domain is for sale. Did anything
replace it?

On 3/1/2018 14:10, Jostein wrote:
> Googled "PDML archive Zurich", and found a guy called Markus Maurer.
> Could that be the guy you are looking for?
> https://www.mail-archive.com/search?l=pdml@pdml.net&q=subject:%22PDML+Frappr%5C%21+Map%22&o=newest&f=1
> Jostein
> Den 01.03.2018 16:50, skrev Daniel J. Matyola:
>> I am having another senior moment.
>> There was a member of this list from Switzerland, who was a Basel Native
>> living in Zurich.  I met him in Zurich and we had dinner together after
>> touring the locval museums.
>> I would like to contact him again because we may travel to Switzerland this
>> summer, and I would like to meet with him again.  Also, he has a friend in
>> the tourism business,  I have some questions that I might like to address
>> to her.
>> Does anyone know the the name of this (former) PDMLer, and where I might
>> find his email address?
>> TIA, Dan
>> Dan Matyola
>> http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/danieljmatyola

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