FS Friday

ann sanfedele annsan at nyc.rr.com
Fri Mar 23 11:44:53 EDT 2018

I listed a broken CANON SX120 IS on ebay.. totallly dead - but if any of 
you are in the repair biz or involved in selling parts locally or like 
to fiddle
I have it listed auction style starting at $9.99

NOT on ebay are two Pentax oldies  my film Kx and a K-1000 which is not 
all that vintage..
if there is any interest in these write me off list

Here is the link to the dead Canon on ebay..


and here is a link to all the stuff I'm selling on ebay right now -- 
some camera related - would you guys mind browsing a bit? I set the link in
anice gallery style format so pretty easy.  things are slow.. need at 
least some moral support if not monotary.. most stuff I'mselling is 
listed as
BIN or best offer -

two things to note... all auctons are NO RESERVE.. all Fixed price allow 
you to offer even insultingly low prices :-)  I can always counter..


ALSO - I have one photo listed... if you would want to buy any of my 
photos at all I can substitute a different shot for theone listed... I 
know I know coals to Newcastle.

thanks for at least looking!


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