Equipment frustrations

Rick Womer rickpics14 at
Mon Mar 12 17:13:09 EDT 2018

I don't have much photography going on these days.

My MacMini photo computer kept crashing and wouldn't recognize
external drives a few weeks back. After a week of futile evening toil
I took it to the local computer hospital. The crashing was from a
directory problem (which Disk Utility couldn't fix, but they could).
However the external drive problem was from a toasted i/o board, which
is made of unobtanium. Sigh.

So, I ordered a new MacMini today. Since I want an SSD in it, I'll
have to wait a bit for delivery.

Meanwhile, I mailed my DA 17-70 to Precision this morning to get the
AF motor replaced under warranty. Anyone know how long that takes?

Someday, I'll post photos again...


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