Thunderbird help.. a small disaster!

ann sanfedele annsan at
Fri Mar 9 20:19:17 EST 2018

I have my inbox in thunderbird with two subfolders (in addition to top 
folder)  PDML and EBAY ... I download ALL my mail.. hardly ever look at 
it on line..
I use it as a file system of information ... I was fiddling with font 
sizes just now and suddenly POOF -- the ebay folder disappeared TOTALLLLY!
I have email going from 2015 to the present .
What could I have done?  Have I simply hid the folder by hitting a wrong 

I started to go for help on line and got to a place where someone was 
going to charge me for the answer.  grrrrr.

I'm on WIndows 7 pro - as I think most of you who also use thunderbird 
might remember. (or not ;-))

It has to be hiding somewhwere, right?

should I do system restore to a couple of hours ago? or is there 
something simple within Thunderbird?



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