Interview with Ricoh

Igor PDML-StR pdmlstr at
Wed Mar 7 12:50:50 EST 2018

It's a bit frustrating to read some of the answers.

E.g. I am not sure how the last answer addresses the last question:
"How would you compare the performance of hand-held pixel shift II with 
pixel shift on a tripod?

Pixel shift on a tripod is more effective in getting higher definition, 
low noise, and false-color-free images than Dynamic Pixel Shift."

I might be overly critical, but to me corporate-speak like "We will 
continuously improve the quality of the product anyway." is an empty 
statement. Does it mean that their engineers are working overtime to 
figure out the problem? (I doubt.) Or, do they make sure that Drunken Joe
has no more than 5 drinks before his shift?

I agree with Paul that the information about focus tracking improvements
is interesting. At least I haven't heard it before.



Gonz Wed, 07 Mar 2018 08:16:43 -0800 wrote:

Not much substance here, lots of sandbagging...  Leaves you wondering...

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