Back in business?

John sessomsj at
Mon Mar 5 18:19:08 EST 2018

That Nor'easter over the weekend gave us high wind gusts here in NC.

Which led to intermittent power outages. About 2:00pm Sunday (yesterday),
one of which managed to trip the main breaker on my electric service.
Breaker wouldn't reset; it was toast. The main breaker is the only
breaker you can't replace. You have to replace the whole panel.

I worked from about 3:00pm to 9:00pm yesterday. Started back in on it at
7:00am this morning (break for a Doctor's appointment at 10:00am) and
just finished up at about 5:45pm.

Power company is probably going to be pissed that I cut the seal on the
meter, but I called them 5 - 6 times yesterday and never could get
through. They were so busy I couldn't even get a busy signal; just a
minute of silence then a recorded message that "all circuits are busy".
It was busy on their end. I made a couple of other phone calls &
determined Verizon's cellular network was still up. I guess they were

Anyway, I'm baaaaaaaaack!

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