Experience with third-party batteries

Igor PDML-StR pdmlstr at komkon.org
Mon Mar 5 09:42:46 EST 2018

This is not exactly what you've asked for, - but here is a data point.

In May of 2011, I bought ZE-LI90,
"Zeikos LI-90 2800mAh Replacement Lithium Battery for Pentax K7"
from Buydig:

It's been long discontinued. I don't know if it indeed had the full 2880 
mAh capacity, as I've never measured it. But my impression was that 
its capacity was exceeding that of Pentax's original batteries.
However, it didn't last for long: 1. It's capacity fell down to below
acceptable (maybe some 50 shots?) very quickly (within ~1 year?), and one 
of the plastic stripes separating the contacts broke at the leading edge 
and became a "prong".

The brand "Zeikos" was a niche one, with a few accessories sold under it, 
only available from 1-2 stores. I don't remember if Ritz camera carried 
something by Zeikos, but the only place that sold Zeikos battery was 
Buydig (and its sister store Beach Camera).

Mark, please share your findings if you'd find anything outside of this 


Mark Roberts Mon, 05 Mar 2018 05:51:13 -0800 wrote:

Can anyone recommend options for third-party batteries for Pentax? I'm
specifically referring to the D-Li90 type used in pretty much
everything from the K-7 up to the K-1.

There are a lot of options out there with varying specifications and
user reports vary even more wildly. One resourceful buyer who wrote an
Amazon review actually measured the discharge rate of a so-called
2100mAh battery and found it to be around 1100mAh. Mind you, for less
than $10.00 that would still be an attractive alternative to the
$50.00 Pentax OEM battery if I did all my work in the studio! But when
trekking through Yorkshire on the Pennine Way in May I'd like to get
longer battery life than that; I'm planning on carrying two batteries
- one in the camera and one in my pack - and recharging every night.
I'm not a machine gunner so even with GPS on that should work out if
battery life is reasonable.

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