That's why it's called a PORTRAIT lens - or why my nose looks big.

Igor PDML-StR pdmlstr at
Fri Mar 2 15:52:06 EST 2018

Well, it depends on how the eyes of those aliens are lined up.

The "normal" lens is "normal" for a human. (Just to remind in case someone 
here has forgotten: the normal lens provides the perspective close to 
that seen by a person.)

So, for an alien with two eyes located closer to each other then ours or 
even vertically, it will be all very different.

BTW, while my daughter was very little, just a few months old, some of the 
photos of her that I took were with Sigma 24/1.8 purchased from one of the
PDMLers. I needed a fast lens and I needed to shoot from a short distance
(usually I needed to be able to catch her or reach her with my hand.
So, some of the facial views were a bit "alien-like".

As for the original plastic surgeon, - I'd like to get his opinion on 
this photo:
and this:



  Bruce Walker Fri, 02 Mar 2018 10:01:07 -0800 wrote:

Yep. I've been saying for ages that aliens examining our culture will
get a very distorted impression of what our faces looked like based on
modern smartphone selfies.

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