PDML member in Switzerland

Igor PDML-StR pdmlstr at komkon.org
Thu Mar 1 12:31:21 EST 2018


I am not sure, but could it be Markus Maurer?
(I did some search...)

If so, this might be his current contact information (unless that's 
another person with the same name):

He has his profile on Photo.net (I don't remember if there is internal 
messaging there), but he hasn't visited that since 2014
(Click on his name at the top to see his profile)

He used to be subscribed to PDML with  ohrbit at  bluewin  {dot} ch .



Daniel J. Matyola Thu, 01 Mar 2018 07:51:18 -0800 wrote:

I am having another senior moment.

There was a member of this list from Switzerland, who was a Basel Native
living in Zurich.  I met him in Zurich and we had dinner together after
touring the locval museums.

I would like to contact him again because we may travel to Switzerland 
summer, and I would like to meet with him again.  Also, he has a friend in
the tourism business,  I have some questions that I might like to address
to her.

Does anyone know the the name of this (former) PDMLer, and where I might
find his email address?

TIA, Dan

Dan Matyola

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