OT: How's your day going?

John sessomsj at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 8 13:28:18 EDT 2018

I bought the Focus Wagon back in April 2009. Today, I finally got the power 
windows fixed. It only took 9 years and 2 months.

They all worked from the individual door controls, but the master control on the 
driver's door only controlled the driver's window. I kept meaning to take it in 
& have it fixed, but something always came up.

Yesterday, I finally got the nerve to pull the panel off the door myself & down 
to the parts house to get a replacement switch module.

The first replacement worked for all of the windows except for the driver's 
window. The parts house had to order in another replacement. Got the second 
replacement this morning and EVERYTHING works. I even managed to put the door 
back together without any problems.

Such minuscule triumphs are what make life worth living.

Now I need to get back to work on my kitchen floor ... just as soon as Baxter 
the Cat gets tired of sleeping in my lap and wanders off.

Science - Questions we may never find answers for.
Religion - Answers we must never question.

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