D-FA HD 15-20mm f2.8

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In many ways, that lens was the biggest reason for me to buy the k-1, in order to get an angle of view, speed, and sharpness that I wouldn't be able to match in aps.
 I pretty much agree with your impressions.

On June 7, 2018 7:49:04 PM PDT, Mark C <pdml-mark at charter.net> wrote:
>A few days ago I ordered a DFA 15-20 lens and it arrived today. I did 
>not have the chance to take it out and around much, but this link has 
>three photos taken this afternoon, two right after un boxing and one 
>from a brief drive I took looking for places to test it.
>- Its big and heavy. Make that very big and very heavy.
>- Devilishly sharp. Virtually no softening at the corners or far edges 
>even at wide angles.
>- The wide aperture and close focusing ability is remarkable. Both
>wit the cats were at f4.5 and the dof is very narrow, but then the lens
>was very close to the subjects.
>- In the few outdoor shots I tried, it was difficult to get a good 
>exposure. At 15mm it was picking up the sky and the ground at my feet, 
>exceeding the dynamic range of the K1 (which is a pretty wide dynamic 
>range.) Granted, this was in full brilliant mid afternoon June
>But even then I was exposing -2 or -3 stops from the meter reading in 
>order to get decent highlights and then bring up the shadows in post. 
>The third shot - the lake - give me hope since it was into the sun, 
>though the sun was just out of the frame and lightly obscured but the 
>cloud in the upper left. But I did do about 10 minutes of post 
>processing to competss the tonal range and make a few other
>This is definitely a lens that will take a little time to understand
>master, especially at the 15mm end. I plan to take it out tomorrow for
>more extensive test drive.
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