Bargain Pentax "People" zoom for crop sensors

P. J. Alling webstertwentysix at
Thu Aug 30 09:08:40 EDT 2018

I've been using one for years, it's pretty good for a compact standard 
zoom.  My only issue with it is it seems downright cheap, (build quality 
that is), compared to it's stablemate the F 70-210 f4.0~5.6.  IIRC I 
paid $35 US for my copy, but I've seen the at KEH for 10 dollars less, 
probably in better condition than the one I have.

On 8/30/2018 2:10 AM, J.C. O'Connell wrote:
> Reading the lens reviews in Pentax forums, I came across an 
> interesting lens I just had to buy as
> the cost is absurdly low (under $45 shipped ). It also has the 
> distinction of being the smallest
> zoom lens Pentax ever made ( it's barely larger than a F50mm F1.4 ). 
> And it has a built in macro mode
> which gives a usable 1:4 magnification @ 70mm. It has an aperture ring 
> with the "A" setting for autoexposure on DSLRs and AF too.
> What lens am I referring to? The smc Pentax-F 35-70mm F3.5-F4.5 I call 
> it a "People" lens
> on a crop sensor as the equiv. focal range is 53-105mm, perfect for 
> full body shots or small groups
> to individuals and head shot portraits. Ideal for an all in one family 
> portrait lens.
> While I havent done extensive critical testing yet, initial snapshots 
> show outstanding sharpness and contrast throughout the range, very 
> minor and easily correctable CA, and no PF to speak of, at least 
> stopped down a little. AF is snappy and accurate, even indoors on my 
> K-5IIs. No distortion even at 35mm.
> As an example of the typical sharpness, Ive posted a macro pic:

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