Ball Head Question

Godfrey DiGiorgi godfreydigiorgi at
Mon Aug 27 11:12:28 EDT 2018

Most of the better A-S plates have limit stops that screw on and can be removed. I always remove them ... I find they get in my way. 

Most of mine use a hex wrench to snug them, but some have a coin slot and some have a folding wing nut. I prefer the hex: it’s the most secure. 

I’ve never dropped a camera from having the plate come free, or had one slide out of a clamp. Just pay attention and it won’t happen. 

No matter where you go, go there on a Guzzi. 

> On Aug 27, 2018, at 3:54 PM, Mark C <pdml-mark at> wrote:
> That's an interesting video and it touches on some of the concerns I had with the AS plate system, namely whether it has a safety catch that would prevent accidental detachment. But I watched some videos of the AS system and it seems that some of the heads - or maybe its a factor of the plate - have a safety catch the keeps a loose plate from falling off the head. Having to use a hex tool instead of a d-ring / wing nut type tightening setup was also a concern for me, but it looks like there are AS plates with d-ring type tighteners. It seems that in terms of variety of plates available, the AS system offers a lot of options. I didn't know about the many accessories that you can get that can also mount on AS plates - like macro flash brackets - that look pretty interesting.  I'm going to visit the local camera shop this afternoon and try some things out first hand.
> Mark
>> On 8/26/2018 5:14 PM, Henk Terhell wrote:
>> I realize the AS system is getting far more popular these days than the Manfrotto system.
>> But I struggled with it in the field and felt unsecure about dropping my camera.
>> Then I decided to stay only with Manfrotto system influenced after seeing Northrup's YouTube video on travel tripods, discussing quick release plates:

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