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Larry Colen lrc at
Sun Aug 26 15:19:25 EDT 2018

A few years back I realized my tripod head was not up to the task, and 
despite my having a big investment in RC3 I realized that the quality of 
RC3 compatible gear maxed out at "pretty good, but not good enough".

There are companies like Custom SLR that make plates which are both RC3 
and Arca Swiss Compatible.

Also a lot of QR mechanisms are attached to the head with a 3/8-16 
tread, so I was able to convert at least one of my RC3 ballheads to arca 

There is a lot out there at all price ranges for arca swiss.

Mark C wrote on 8/26/18 11:23 AM:
> Thanks, Henk. I've never used the Arca Swiss system and appreciate your 
> comments. I wondered if there was much difference and it seems that some 
> AS plates have a lip on them that can be mounted against the back of the 
> body, preventing it from rotating on the plate. That feature (which 
> apparently is only on some plates) and the availability of an L bracket 
> for the K1 led to look at Arca Swiss compatible heads.  I think I'll 
> take a look at Manfrotto's offerings and see how they stack up.
> Mark
> On 8/25/2018 2:54 PM, Henk Terhell wrote:
>> Vanguard is not the way to go in my opinion.
>> I always had on my tripod a Manfrotto ball head with RC2 quick release 
>> plate on a 323 base plate.
>> This easily carries my K-1 with a  1.5 kg telelens on a collar. 
>> Recently I bought for flower pics a sturdy mini tripod with ballhead, 
>> but this has an Arca-Swiss plate system.
>> I found it much easier and safer to mount and unmount the camera on 
>> the Manfrotto RC2 system, even with one hand is possible.
>> So I got rid of the Arca-Swiss system. Having two systems is bad option.
>> Henk
>> Op 2018-08-25 om 19:12 schreef Mark C:
>>> I'm looking to replace my old Bogen Manfrotto Grip Action ball head 
>>> (3265). The ideal would be a ball head with a load capacity of at 
>>> least 13 lb (the max that the legs it will be mounted on), panning 
>>> base, lever based lock for the ball head (I find knobs to be too 
>>> fiddly, especially wen wearing gloves), arca swiss plate system and 
>>> reasonably light weight.
>>> It seems that wanting a lever vs knob knocks out a lot of heads. 
>>> Manfrotto has a lot of lever models but they do not use arca swiss 
>>> plates. Really Right Stuff has a few but they are 2x-3x the cost of 
>>> other brands. There is an inexpensive "Vanguard" brand that meets all 
>>> of my requirements, but its a brand I never heard of and is very 
>>> inexpensive, so I have doubts....
>>> Any thoughts?
>>> Mark

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