PESO - First shot with a new (to me) lens

Ken Waller kwaller at
Thu Aug 23 19:56:12 EDT 2018

Aw that's purrfect.

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>From: John Francis <johnf at>
>Subject: PESO - First shot with a new (to me) lens
>The USPS just dropped of a package from Canada containing
>the FA 50/f1.4 that Bill Robb offered for sale recently.
>It appears to be working ...
>It's not quite my first auto-focus prime - I was given an
>SF1 with F 50/f1.7 by a neighbour when he abandoned film
>and switched to a Nikon compact point-and-shoot digital.
>But I gave that outfit away, and have been relying on my
>trusty old A 50/f1.4 when I needed something beyond f/2.8
>I'm going to have to get used to thinking about DOF again ...

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