Bill anotherdrunkensot at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 17:42:53 EDT 2018

On 8/14/2018 3:45 PM, Steve Cottrell wrote:
> We recently moved to a rental house for a year or two while we sell our old house and regroup before deciding where to settle in retirement. The old house is slowly being emptied and redecorated and daily things appear that I haven;t seen for a while.
> Today I came home to find a baseball cap on my desk - given to me (as well as quite a few others) at Grandfather Mountain by a certain Mr David Brooks waaaaaaaaay back in 200something. I'm really glad it has resurfaced, what a super thing to do Dave. Sure it was a nice touch at the time, but only now, looking back, does one really remember those good times with good people - it leaves me in a good place :-)
> Cheers all.

Wasn't that the hat you were supposed to eat?


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