The monitor saga continues

P. J. Alling webstertwentysix at
Wed Nov 29 01:02:08 EST 2017

I have no nifty hardware.  So it wouldn't be much of an upgrade, 
probably going in the wrong direction actually.  I wish you luck in your 
quest for video Nirvana,  Someday I too have hopes of owning a decent 
video card, I had a superior monitor, but sadly it was a CRT and in 
spite of being repairable, can find no one willing to repair it.

On 11/28/2017 6:44 PM, Larry Colen wrote:
> I was able to pick up a Samsung U28E510 IPS 4K monitor at costco for 
> $300.
> The downside is that the Radeon 5770 card in my 2009 4,1 mac pro won't 
> drive it at full resolution but only at 2560x1440.  In theory I can 
> throw a couple hundred more dollars at the problem, pick up a newer 
> graphics card and life will be golden.  There is also the chance that 
> lightroom would also be able to offload some more of the processing on 
> the GPUs, speeding everything up a bit.
> Anybody have thoughts, experience, or nifty hardware they're looking 
> to sell cheaply to solve this issue?

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