GESO: couple of eclipse shots

Larry Colen lrc at
Sun Aug 27 23:05:22 EDT 2017

That's a great set of shots.

Gonz wrote:
> Was in Cerulean Kentucky for the eclipse with my family.  It was an
> amazing experience.  I'm glad we are getting another one in 7 years
> and the centerline of totality will be an hour west of my home here,
> so no need to take a long trip.  The weather was perfect and my wife
> took a video of the family right before and during totality.  My Dad
> of 91 years was there, as were two of my grandchildren ages 15 and 10.
> My 10 year old granddaughter was overwhelmed by the site and kept
> saying OMG OMG.

What an awesome experience to share with family. If I had seen a total 
eclipse at that age, I would have seen many more by now.

> It is something incredible to see and I'm glad we
> drove up there to experience it.

I'm with you there!

> I have some ideas to make the next
> one go smoother camera wise. It was a pain to take the filter off at
> the time of totality and switch over to a different exposure.  I
> should have prepared better.  It would have been nice to get some wide
> long exposures too.



Your shots are certainly worth being proud of, I'm looking forward to 
seeing more.  I should definitely have bracketed my exposure to get 
better shots of the flares like you did.


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