OT: Water your wiskey

Bob W-PDML pdml at web-options.com
Tue Aug 22 14:08:38 EDT 2017

"You and I need fresh, pure water to replenish our precious bodily fluids".


On 22 Aug 2017, at 18:32, Daniel J. Matyola <danmatyola at gmail.com<mailto:danmatyola at gmail.com>> wrote:

Can't you filter it?

Dan Matyola

On Tue, Aug 22, 2017 at 1:26 PM, John <sessomsj at earthlink.net<mailto:sessomsj at earthlink.net>> wrote:

Depends on your water source. City water here in Raleigh has a lot of
Chlorine aftertaste (which goes away if you let the water sit for a
while after it comes out of the tap).

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