GESO: Tiny Butterflies

Mark C pdml-mark at
Sat Aug 19 14:27:32 EDT 2017

Nice shots - good lighting and sharpness. I've chased those quite a bit 
and they are indeed quite fast.

Can't help much with the ID. The silver spotted skipper has a very 
prominent white mark on the underside of the rear wings and orange bands 
on the top side. Otherwise there are many species of  folded wing 
skippers with a basic rusty-brown coloration, differing only in the 
details of the wing spots.


Daniel J. Matyola wrote:
> Our butterfly bushes and echinaceas attract a lot of Monarchs, Viceroys,
> Swallowtails and
> Cabbage Whites.  Mixed in with them occasionally are tiny brown and orange
> or yellow butterflies that move very quickly, and because of their size and
> erratic flight, they are extremely difficult to photograph.  Luckily, some
> took a liking to the Sedum heads that are just starting to mature, giving
> me the opportunity to grab a few shots of the little buggers.
> I am not certain, but I think they are skippers, perhaps silver-spotted,
> Delaware or fiery skippers.  Any help in identification will be greatly
> appreciated, as will comments and criticisms on the images.
> I also took this opportunity to try SquareSpace for a mini-gallery, and it
> seems to work well.
> K-5 IIs, FA 100 mm F 2.8 macro
> Dan Matyola

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