OT: Weird e-mail behavior

John sessomsj at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 17 13:42:16 EDT 2017

With Earthlink, it's ONE USER!

He's a "press agent" type; not infected with malware, he *IS* malware.

He'll piss off Spam-Eating-Monkey (the service PDML's host subscribes
to) and gets the IP address for the mail server he happened to hit when
he sent out his crap banned for 48 hours or so.

If I happen to hit the same server during the ban, I get a 550 bounce.

On 8/17/2017 08:17, Jostein wrote:
> "No technique is a complete solution to the spam problem, and each has
> trade-offs between incorrectly rejecting legitimate email (false
> positives) vs. not rejecting all spam (false negatives) – and the
> associated costs in time and effort."
> Quote from Wikipedia page on antispam:
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-spam_techniques
> It has happened before that PDML subscribers found themselves using
> email providers whose domain or IP-range is considered to be a spam
> source. Sometimes the ISP is sloppy and allow spam servers to operate,
> but in most cases it's hapless users with poor antivirus protection that
> gets infected with malware that distribute spam. If a sufficient number
> of users with one ISP are afflicted, some spam filter may block all mail
> from that IP range. Most modern ISPs have spam filters on outgoing email
> as well, but it is harder to monitor properly than incoming email.
> Jostein
> Den 16.08.2017 11:06, skrev Alan C:
>> Most PDML e-mails haven't been coming through & I have to access them
>> through the archives instead . Now they are belatedly coming through
>> in dribs-and-drabs. Perhaps there is a leak in the Atlantic undersea
>> cable?
>> Alan C
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