GESO new driveway

Ken Waller kwaller at
Fri Aug 11 15:03:33 EDT 2017

Lookin good Larry, the best driveway images I've seen today.

Kenneth Waller

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Subject: GESO new driveway

> I'll spare you all the long sordid tale of my trials and tribulations, 
> but the work on my new retaining wall and driveway to be done by the 
> contractor is finished.  I'm going to need to construct guard 
> rails/fence and hand rails for the stairs.
> In short, pretty much all of the graveled area between the corner of the 
> stairs and the corner of the garage is new.
> The photos have little, if any, artistic merit, but they show the 
> project that has been consuming large portions of my life and energy for 
> the past many months:
> -- 
> Larry Colen  lrc at (postbox on min4est)

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