Semi happy ending

Larry Colen lrc at
Wed Aug 9 14:34:00 EDT 2017

John wrote:
> Somehow I lost the lens cap from my SMC Pentax-FA 77mm F1.8 Limited. I
> had the lens on the camera with the lens cap on, and then the lens cap
> was gone. Retraced all the places I'd been since last time I remembered
> it being in place, but NO JOY!
> However, I was able to find a replacement on eBay; genuine Pentax metal
> push-on cap with the green felt lining.
> Only cost me $40 (incl. shipping & handling).

That is exactly why the first thing I do is put the Pentax lens cap 
safely in a drawer and put a $3 ebay lens cap on the lens. I just by 
10-packs of the 49mm lens caps.

> Would be much, much happier if I'd never lost the cap in the first
> place, and much happier if I'd found the one I lost. But, at least, I
> have a proper lens cap.
> I won't relate all the other piddling little crap I've been dealing with
> this summer, other than to note that BIG PROBLEMS don't bring me down
> half so much as the "death of a thousand cuts" from the interminable
> tiny trials & tribulations I have to deal with on a daily basis.

Years ago there was a "Ziggy" cartoon:
It's not the big failures that get me down, it's the constant pitter 
patter of little defeats.

> Every day seems to be 5 miles through the snow and back again with no
> shoes & no feet; uphill both ways.
> Yet I persist.

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