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Mark C pdml-mark at
Wed Apr 26 21:53:33 EDT 2017

Thanks, Gonz. I share your disdain for Silkypix - the user interface is 
weak and it lacks a lot of functionality found in Adobe Camera Raw.

I don't use lightroom - locked in with Photoshop CS6 for the time being. 
Adobe stopped updating ACR for CS6 with the K3II as the last Pentax 
supported camera. I'm not sure what that means - ACR still opens K1 DNG 
files, but does not seem to process the pixelshift images as well as 
Silkypix or in camera JPG's. But the version of ACR I have was updated 
to support pixel shift mode. I don't know if that means it supports only 
K3II pixel shift mode or if it also supports K1 pixel shift mode. Last I 
looked (4 to 6 weeks ago) ACR did not support motion corrected pixel 
shift mode.

I did some testing with to tools I have SIlkpix, in camera JPG's, the 
outdaed version of ACR. My workflow is to shoot in motion corrected 
pixelshift mode and use Zerene stacker combine TIFFs . (Zerene stacker 
does not work with raw file, afaik). I see more difference in focus 
stacked / pixel shift images than in single pixel shift images. In my 
tests, the hierarchy is:

DNG's converted in Silkypix - the amount of detail in stacked images is 
really impressive.
In camera JPG's converted to TIFF's via ACR - almost as good as DNG's in 
Silkypix but some artifacts appear in the stacked images - maybe JPG 
artifacts amplified by stacking?
DNG's converted in ACR - notably less detail than the above two options, 
Non pixel shift images converted in ACR - less detail than the above, 
including pixel shift DNG's converted with ACR.

So - it seems that even the outdated version of ACR I have shows some 
improvement with pixel shift mode, but not on par with SIlkypix or in 
camea JPG's. FWIW, I use pixel shift in motion corrected mode because at 
high magnification I see vibrations in images every now and then. A 
garbage truck hitting a pothole half a block away can create visible 
motion in the subject even at just 1:1.

That's where I am at with testing Pixel shift images. I doubt that I 
will ever move to Lightroom since blending of layers is an integral 
aspect of how I post process and LIghtroom does not support layers.  
Aside from the updated ACR I have not seen any update in Photoshop CC 
that is very compelling.


On 4/26/2017 12:01 PM, Gonz wrote:
> Excellent series Mark.  I don't like Silkypix user interface, it is
> very confusing and I find it difficult to find the files, etc.  I
> bring them into Lightroom instead.  Have you seen any difference
> between the images processed by Lightroom vs Silkypix?

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