Epson P600?

Godfrey DiGiorgi godfreydigiorgi at
Mon Apr 10 10:29:03 EDT 2017

The only paper feed issue that I've heard complaints about is the fact that the manual feed on the P600 requires extra steps for each piece of paper loaded ("open the guide, insert the paper, press the load button, close the guide" compared to "insert the paper through the guide and feed it in until the switch starts the load process"). 

The only paper I've had minor difficulty loading is Hahnemühle Bamboo in the 8.5x11 size, because it's quite heavyweight and has a tendency to curl (a little anti-curl massaging on the corner of the printer solves it every time). 

Otherwise, this printer has operated with no problems at all. 


> On Apr 9, 2017, at 4:07 PM, Stanley Halpin <stan at> wrote:
> Note that there is a Rebate ($150) and a trade-up discount ($50) in effect 1-30 April 2017…
> E.g., see,,600,800April2017MIR.pdf
> I recently uncovered and started up my 2880 after a very long period of inactivity. Had the expected multiple passes to clean the heads, 3-4 inks needed replacing. But what bugs me is that the paper feed is working very sporadically. A true pain. Based on this thread, I did a quick google on P600, found one review that was very positive except for paper feed problems ( with certain papers). Makes me wonder though if I shouldn’t just struggle through rather than upgrading. But Godfrey’s note is encouraging... I will be interested to hear your experience.
> stan

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