OT: Digital Slide scanners

Bob W-PDML pdml at web-options.com
Fri Apr 7 13:29:31 EDT 2017

This is why God gave us other people. I bought a Nikon LS1000? 4000? When they were quite new. Used it about a dozen times. It was such a balls-ache. Good quality though.


> On 7 Apr 2017, at 16:46, Doug Brewer <doug at dougbrewerphoto.com> wrote:
> I've been cleaning out my storage room in the basement, AKA The Camera and Computer Museum, and have uncovered boxes and boxes of slides, some of which are passable photos, and have become interested in maybe scanning some of them. I've looked here and there at digital slide scanners.
> So my query, if you haven't figured it out by now, is if any of you have gone down this path, and whether you have found a decent scanner. I'd appreciate any guidance.
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