Hybrid hard drives, anyone?

Mark Roberts postmaster at robertstech.com
Thu Apr 6 14:19:21 EDT 2017

Paul in MKE <pentax1941 at gmail.com> wrote:

>It's time to upgrade the hard drive in my computer and I'm looking at a 
>hybrid - a standard hard drive with a small built-in solid state drive. 
>Has anyone had any experience with this?  Are they really faster/better 
>than a old-fashioned spinny drive or is it just hype?

In the clunky old laptop I keep at school I replaced the original hard
drive with a hybrid one. It got noticeably, though not dramitically,
peppier. Seems like a good value to me: Most of the speed increase of
an SSD but with much more storage space for the money.

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