20th Anniversary PUG is Up!

Subash Jeyan pdml.live at gmail.com
Mon Apr 3 21:31:02 EDT 2017

thanks for the nice words Cotty. honoured to be mentioned. i remember
the  similar review of the very first pdml annual you did years back.
this is becoming another little pdml tradition that i enjoy. are you
sure you are in the right profession? :)

thanks again. 


On Mon, 3 Apr 2017 23:24:23 +0100
"Steve Cottrell" <cotty at seeingeye.tv> wrote:

> On 3/4/17, Brian Walters, discombobulated, unleashed:
> >Well, we ended up with 70 submissions - well done all!  A fine way to
> >celebrate 20 years.  
> >As usual you'll find the gallery here:
> >
> >http://pug.komkon.org/  
> Just had a sit down and spent an hour going through the PUG with the
> Mrs.
> Fantastic selection of images, some I recall seeing previously over
> the years, others never seen before. Really enjoyable and sometimes
> quite poignant viewing: the images submitted on behalf of those
> friends who have left us, really was quite touching. Lovely idea.
> I could just say that the whole gallery was great and you should all
> be proud and leave it at that.....but I simply can't.
> There are some really standout images that I can't resist  mentioning,
> and some others that merit a word or two, a couple that raised an
> eyebrow, a few that made me gasp, the odd meh, several award winners
> and one that inspired anger!
> In fact I had to explain that the pics weren't just submitted because
> the photographer thought his or her image was great, but because it
> was an image that meant something within their time on the PDML.
> There is history in these images, not just the obvious, but the
> history of the photographer, their own journeys and experiences. For
> instance, I chose my image not because it is a good image - it's
> really only so-so. But it means a huge amount: it was taken with
> classic Pentax film equipment, the subject is so dear to my heart,
> and it reminds me of happy days watching my son grow up, warm summer
> days in the countryside, discovering the PDML, and a zillion other
> things.
> So really, they can't be 'rated' as perhaps in a normal PUG. That
> said, These things are *always* subjective and me and the Mrs
> disagreed on several pics - she would 'oh wow' herself silly while
> the same photo rated a mere 'meh' from me. But this is my email so
> she can go fish.
> My standouts:
> A Pug for the PUG by Mike Wacht - because who doesn't like a really
> good shot of a dawg.
> Grandfather Mountain by Bill Owens - that classic view that makes my
> heart skip a beat. RIP Bill.
> Gospel by Bruno Macedo - Long exposure producing stunning result,
> just a lovely image. Bruno, if you're lurking and reading this, be
> proud. I love it.
> Old Window by Simon Williams - my wife loved this. Meh. Good pic tho.
> Nephews by Derby Chang - Derbs, this is supreme. Fantastic image, love
> everything about it. Sheer brilliance mate. Light a cigar.
> Sunset at Grandfather Mountain by Ted Beilby - Ted I've never seen
> this before! Touching moment with my lad, made me well up!
> The River by Brian Walters - Mrs cooed and aaahed. It's misty water
> FFS, get over it. Nicely done though.
> A Winter Afternoon by Vladimir Koukal - Vlad old boy, break out the
> vodka, I likes a bit a symmetry when I can gets it. Lovely stuff!
> Claudia - My First Photo by Krzysztof - WOW. Striking and made me
> look a long time. GREAT work mate, must be a photo-god what with one
> name like Brassai, Ctein, Cotty (harrrrr!)
> Leading Lady by Bruce Walker - yep seen it before, dreamy bokeh, great
> shot, etc etc, was expecting some nice legs or something. See teacher.
> My Girls by Paul Stenquist - not seen this one before, lovely playful
> shot, against the window too but nailed it.
> Mount Lagorce by Ken Waller - WOW OH WOW. Breathtaking.
> Fog in Hawk Wood by Malcolm Smith - LOVE THIS MALC - that is sublime.
> You should be doing serious landscape work. That's a winner mate.
> Descent by Subash Jeyan - holy mackerel Subers - this is such an
> amazing photograph, about the BEST pic in the gallery. Love it
> completely and utterly. Find myself keep having to look at it again.
> That is fantastic. Can't tell you enough. I'm giving up photography
> and going to see out my days as a capybara.
> Happy New Year by Matt Burt - the Mrs and I agreed on this one,
> stunning colours and atmosphere. Hats off that you worked hard to get
> it.
> Le Disque Bleu by Rick Womer - GREAT shot Rick - real strong
> atmosphere what with the colours and the ghostly figures, real sense
> of place. Love it.
> The Gathering by Jay Taylor - There's no great overriding reason why
> this pic works so well. LOVE the space around the group huddled
> together on the spot surrounded by all this space. Lovely vibrant
> colours and a real fun pic. Super!
> On the Brown Line, Chicago by Christine Aguilamonster - I've said this
> before and I'll say it again. Robert Frank would have been proud to
> snap that. OUTSTANDING. Top of the pile, just makes me want to go out
> and take photos. Inspirational Christine. But you knew that!!! Go
> suck on a bottle,
> Ellie Pano by Alan Cole - my Mrs was like 'yeah yeah move on' but I'm
> like 'that's really great composition', really like it
> Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico by Joseph Tainter - Again, outstanding work,
> teasing with the crop, but absolutely superb.
> Meuse Valley After the Snow by Yves Caudano - Whoa mate! Made me
> dizzy. Astonishing hues. Zoning me out man. Remarkable!
> Anna in the Cabin, Fontana Dam, NC by Doug Brewer - what can I say?
> Digital Rembrandt at work here. Serene!
> Pure Joy by Paul Sorenson - great framing (or crop, don't care, it
> works) and great pic.
> Be proud, ladies and gentlemen (and Bill) we're all winners on this
> list. Great place to hang out and proud to call you all friends - even
> the lurkers.
> What a great crowd you all are. Cheers!

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