digitizing 8mm film with K1?

Jos de Fotograaf josdefotograaf at 4prof.nl
Thu Nov 24 16:17:05 EST 2016

Thank you for your response, Paul.

Could you plse indicate which properties (or lack of properties) make
the K1 ill suited for this task?

I could hand the films over to a specialized company, but I enjoy so
much doing things myself :-)

Greetz, Jos

On 24-Nov-16 14:08, Paul Stenquist wrote:
> No, it's not a good idea. A DSLR is ill suited to the task of movie film transfer. There are machines that transfer film quickly and efficiently, as well as hundreds of companies that offer the service.
> Paul via phone
>> On Nov 24, 2016, at 7:54 AM, Jos de Fotograaf <josdefotograaf at 4prof.nl> wrote:
>> Dear group,
>> I have this box with 50year old 8mm family films.
>> I want to digitize them for distribution to my children.
>> Is it a good idea to use my K1 for this? Any experience?
>> Greetz, Jos
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