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Larry Colen lrc at red4est.com
Sat Nov 12 14:55:13 EST 2016

Bruce Walker wrote:

> I dunno. I came to the K-3 from the K20D. Then I came to the 645Z from
> the K-3. Yet I still shoot the K20D from time to time and when I do I
> appreciate both its ergonomics and image quality[*]. Nobody with a
> K20D should feel pressure to upgrade if it's meeting their needs.

If your camera is meeting your needs, no matter what it is, you should 
feel no pressure to upgrade.  However, anybody with a Pentax body older 
than a K-5, with the ability to upgrade, should at least consider 
borrowing one for a short while to see if the improved performance might 
help them in unexpected ways.

I think that the button layout on the K-1 is the best yet.  I rarely 
find myself hitting the wrong button by mistake.  I've got a couple of 
pages of gripes about the design of the software UI, but the button 
layout is very nice.

> --
> * I'm a big fan of the rendering from that CMOS sensor.

I went to the K20 from the K100, and there wasn't a lot about the 20 
sensor that I liked better than the K100 sensor. I did quite like the 
ergonomics and feel of it. For studio work it was a very nice body. 
Although, once I got the K-x, which had the worst feel in my hands of 
any of my Pentax DSLRs, I pretty much stopped using the K20 for anything 
but studio work because the K-x sensor was so much better in anything 
but the best light.

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