PESO - "2x2 = 4to" (plus some curious engineering facts)

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Mon Nov 7 08:51:59 EST 2016

Thank you, Larry, Malcolm, P.J., Marco, John, and 
John-wherever-you-are-now for looking and commenting! ;-)

I am back home from the last week's conference travel, - and by this time, 
people may have figured out that this picture has been taken at "GUM" - 
"Upper Trading Rows", and iconic store in Moscow, Russia:

I am not sure if anybody read the Wikipedia linked below that image:
It is a historic building with the first of its kind (at the time it was 
built - more than a century ago) engineering design.

Yet another structure built by the same engineer is the hyperboloid 
"Shukhov tower":
(on the UNESCO's "Endangered Buildings" list).
Unfortunately, I don't have any of my own photos of it.

A few interesting engineering facts about it:
Shukhov invented hyperboloid towers (Patent of 1899, applied 1896).
The original design called for 350 meters height, and that would weigh 
2200 tons (metric). For comparison, Eiffel Tower (324 meters) weighs
over 10 000 tons. Due to the shortage of steel, Shukhov's tower is only 
160-meters tall.
Based on this idea, in 2005-2009, a 600-meter-high hyperboloid Canton 
tower was built in Guangzhou, China. (For a brief moment it was the 
tallest tower in the world, taking over that title from the CN Tower in 

A curious fact:
  In 1941, a postal airplane that was expriencing technical problems, 
touched with its wing the cable that was going from the top of the tower 
to the ground (at an angle), - a leftover from the construction, which was 
hanging there for several years since the tower was built. That torn off 
the winch that was at the ground end, but the tower remained intact and 
did not need any repairs. The plane crashed into the nearby house's yard.



On Thu, 3 Nov 2016, Igor PDML-StR wrote:

> "Oops, I did it again!"  ;-)
> Thank you, Larry. For you others who still cannot read URLs through the 
> brain-wave channel:
> Cheers,
> Igor
> On Thu, 3 Nov 2016, Igor PDML-StR wrote:
>> "2x2 = 4to"
>> Just a fun shot.
>> This photo is taken at an iconic place... The photo in the PUG will be the 
>> clue of where this happened.
>> All comments and suggestions are welcome.
>> Igor
>> PS. I am aware of the boy and his leg.
>> There was no opportunity/time to move to the side and "hide" him behind the 
>> man.

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