2017 PUG Themes - The Final Cut

Brian Walters supera1000 at fastmail.fm
Sun Nov 6 00:04:22 EDT 2016

G'day all

Thanks for the feedback. Here are the themes for 2017:

January; Doors
February; This Sporting Life
March; Geometric Shapes in Nature
April; 20th Anniversary Gallery
May; Leading Lines
June; Mountains
July; Leaves
August; City Transportation
September; Abandoned
October; Nakedness
November; Less is More
December; National Parks

I've considered all the suggestions and, if they don't appear here,
don't take it personally :-)  They have either been filed away for next
year or omitted because I'm concerned that may not achieve a good level
of participation.  I've expanded Bruce's 'Nude' suggestion into
'Nakedness', which can be broadly interpreted to include concepts other
than human nudity (eg. artwork featuring nudity, denuded landscapes -
perhaps even baldness :-)>. 

I like Igor's idea of reaching out to former PDMLers to contribute to
the 20th Anniversary Gallery - something to keep in mind as April



Brian Walters
Western Sydney Australia


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