Thoughts: pocketable compact with filmic ergonomics?

Daniel J. Matyola danmatyola at
Sat Nov 5 12:48:54 EDT 2016

That's what I loved about the old Optio:  it was certainly "pocketable,"
and took decent images for its time and price.

It finally died about a year ago.

Dan Matyola

On Sat, Nov 5, 2016 at 10:35 AM, Bill <anotherdrunkensot at> wrote:

> On 11/5/2016 8:17 AM, Bruce Walker wrote:
>> Apologies for the word filmic, but I wanted a snappy subject. I am
>> finally tired of trying to get any decent shots with a smartphone
>> which, despite being always available, nearly always disappoints me.
>> So what I'd like is pocketable and with the "feel" of an old school
>> film camera. That is, simple ergonomics. Simple interface, with
>> buttons and dials for the important most-used functions. I need
>> reading glasses to see closeup and I prefer devices I can work largely
>> by feel. Best if it has a viewfinder. Willing to consider EVF if I can
>> see it in the flesh and it convinces me.
>> I'd be okay with a fixed lens, but it would have to be a normal. 50mm
>> FF equiv. Subjects would often be landscape features, and the wide
>> lenses on smartphones just drive me nuts.
>> As a fellow Pentax user, what compact camera like this would you
>> recommend?
> If you have big pockets, the Fuji T-T2 with the 35mm lens would be an
> excellent choice.
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