PESOs: Phone vs. Camera

Malcolm Smith rrvelar at
Thu Nov 3 16:03:09 EDT 2016

Paul Stenquist wrote:

Well, sort of phone vs. camera.  But this is by no means a controlled experiment. When walking to work this morning (I go out the front door, walk a mile, go back in the front door, and open my office) I came up on some nice fall color in good light. I shot it with my phone and tweaked it quite a bit in photoshop before posting it on Facebook. Ann quite correctly said I should shoot some fall color with a real camera, so I did just that this afternoon. Unfortunately, the good light was gone but I did get a bit of hay bright. I also shot with a much longer foal length to compress the scene. 

Here’s the iPhone 6 Plus pic, photoshopped and cropped just a bit:

Here’s the k-1 and  DA* 60-250 pic, shot at 118 mm, f11

I like both, but prefer the image made with the K1.

The thing here is how far camera phones have come on *BUT* to get that quality reproduced here it's still needed the experience and post production skills of an excellent photographer. The average phone camera user is not going to get the quality that it is possible to get. 

I am aware that some professionals now use high end phone cameras; the hardware for photography is becoming universal - but that said you still have to compose an image and process it. That you can't buy.


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