Transmission Replacement - Re manufactured vs Used

Bipin Gupta biping at
Sun May 29 14:41:12 EDT 2016

Hello Mark, go with a used one canabalized from another Subaru. Don't
be afraid. I am an automotive Engineer, having owned a Subaru - albeit
one with a 5-gear automatic transmission - uses fluidics and a torque

I am not a CVT admirer as these generate friction losses and will not
accelerate your car to that spurt of power if you suddenly floor the
accelerator. Of course manual transmissions are best for positive
power spurts and great at maximizing mpg.

I have worked at General Motors in the US, Detroit Diesel Allison in
India manufacturing automatic gear boxes, Hyundai Motors, Nissan
Motors and Hindustan Motors as a Production / Industrial Engineer in
their factories. I retired as Advisor from Nissan.

I believe General Motors make the best automatic transmission in the world.

Just make sure the local garage gives you an assurance for atleast (6)
months on the canabalised CVT. This will force him to do some tests to
ensure that the CVT removed from the old vehicle is good.
25K on the odometer is a good omen. Go for it man.

Yep, all automatic transmissions are assembled in dust free rooms, as
are Engines. Let me assure you dust & dirt will not enter inside the
CVT as it is enclosed. Just that the local garage should take
reasonable care in removing, cleaning, inspecting and fitting it to
your car.

Good luck Mark.


PS: Where are you based? I will be in San Mateo, the Bay Area,
California starting July 2016.

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