OT - Transmission Replacement - Re manufactured vs Used

mike wilson m.9.wilson at ntlworld.com
Sun May 29 11:33:59 EDT 2016

Firstly, I would be wanting to know what went wrong with the original.  It's not
unknown for, for example, Ford powershifts to fail here due to lack of
maintenance - even with a main dealer FSH.  That would be a civil litigation

WRT replacement, I would take the "clean room" story with a pinch of salt.  You
can clearly get two or even three used replacements for the cost of new/reman,
so I would go with that.  Try to find someone who knows the transmission to give
it a lookover/service before installation.

> On 29 May 2016 at 16:11 Mark C <pdml-mark at charter.net> wrote:
> While just driving along the highway Thursday my 2011 Subaru Outback 
> made some odd noises and suddenly lit up what looked like every warning 
> light on the control panel. I pulled over and wound up getting it towed 
> to the nearest dealership. On Friday they gave me the bad news - at just 
> 78,000 miles the CVT transmission was shot. Needs a complete replacement.
> The shop that has the car quoted me $11,000 to replace the CVT with a 
> new unit and just under $10,000 for a factory re-manufactured one. My 
> local shop quoted me $7,700 for a Subaru remanufactured CVT. It might be 
> more since I don't know if that includes the 6% sale tax on CVT itself. 
> A local independent shop gave me a rough estimate of $4,400 for a used 
> one,installed. All of the places figure about $1000 labor, everything 
> else is the cost of parts plus sales tax on the parts.
> The only firm estimates I have are the ones from the first place. I got 
> the news from them at 3 PM Friday, before the holiday weekend. The local 
> places are quoting typical rates, they have not even seen the car yet to 
> give me a firm estimate. I don't know the warranty on the used  
> transmission at this point either, just that it has 25K on it.
> I do have a call into Subaru customer service and they have agreed to do 
> a review of this under their goodwill program, so maybe there will be 
> some relief there, but the car is out of warranty and no extended coverage.
> My concern with a used CVT, though, is that they seem to be pretty 
> complex and high tech devices. I have heard that they are actually built 
> in clean rooms. So I'm wondering if pulling one off a wreck would be a 
> good idea.
> Any reason NOT to do a used CVT?  Thoughts would be appreciated. My 
> first task is getting the car towed back here next week.
> Mark
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