Some people are just crazy

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Mon May 23 01:15:56 EDT 2016

  Bill Sun, 22 May 2016 11:37:39 -0700  wrote:

>>  My reaction is not about the differences in the moral code. Rather,
>> it is based on the common aspect ("denominator") of their and my moral
>> code: pedophilia is not normal.
> Just to throw some gasoline and a match into the discussion, define
> pedophilia?
> There are cultures out there that don't really have a definition of it.
> There are cultures that have what we consider children being married off
> and having kids.
> Whose right? We see ourselves as correct, but without a lot of moral
> authority.

That part goes futher, into differences in what is accepted as good and 
bad. That issue is deep-deep-deep, and without any universal answers.
I wouldn't even attempt discussing it on any internet forum.

As for paranoia(s) in our society, - I think some of those mentioned here 
had started well before 2001, - including the man with a big camera.
Feeding paranoias can yield profits: either monetary or political (which, 
in turn yeild to monetary ones). Paranoid people are more likely to 
believe to the stories about  other various "monsters". And their minds 
are pre-occupied with those monsters which diverts attention from more 
important issues. And, of course, one gets easy profits from selling them 
sneak-oil of all sorts.

[Re-]read this book, you'll enjoy it:



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