K-1 Vignetting? Some surprises...

Stanley Halpin stan at stans-photography.info
Tue May 10 16:26:13 EDT 2016

> On May 10, 2016, at 3:07 PM, Stanley Halpin <stan at stans-photography.info> wrote:
> I just did a quick look at the manual. E.g., the appendix on pp107ff which talks about restrictions on combinations of special functions. When doing a pixel shift you can’t bracket, use HDR, use any form of interval shooting, mix scotch whisky with soda water, wash your dark and light clothes together, etc. All reasonable and understandable restrictions. I see nothing that would keep you from doing a pixel-shift while using APS-C mode.
> Tomorrow I plan to try the pixel-shift, I’ll add an APS-C lens and an APS-C mode into the equation…
> stan
>> On May 10, 2016, at 2:49 PM, Mark Roberts <postmaster at robertstech.com> wrote:
>> Stanley Halpin wrote:
>>> The open question is how good the K-1 is as a pseudo APS-C camera compared with the K-5 or K-3. Is it as good or better even in this mode? [For values of good/better which lie somewhere in a multidimensional space with dimensions such as Resolution, Tonality, Resistance to noise at High ISO, Dynamic Range, etc.]
>> Considering I've had my K-1 since last Thursday it's disgraceful that
>> I haven't been able to try shooting with it yet (or even read the
>> manual) so I'll have to ask this question: Is pixel-shift available in
>> crop (APS-C) mode? I know it's not useable in many situations but I'd
>> guess it yields higher effective resolution that one would normally
>> get from a crop-frame camera.
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That was a good question Mark. I did have something else I needed to do but oh well…

So I did two pixel-shift shots of a shelf on my bookcase. The first
(which is at http://photos.stanhalpin.com/p1033969621) was using the D FA 100/2.8 macro @f/8, Full Frame. The second, next after the first in the gallery, was same lens from same spot with same settings exceptI I put it into APS-C mode. I should have done a third, just a straight shot without the pixel-shift. I’ll restore the setup and redo the series later. If you are visiting the gallery and find three bookcase shots rather than two, you got there after I made the update. Other comments will still apply.

No guarantee that I have achieved perfect focus nor that I have the camera exactly parallel to the bookcase. Ignore the darkness across the top of the frame - just a shadow cast by the shelf above.

Zero presets when importing to Lightroom, zero size/quality settings on export as jpg from Lightroom.

Download of the two (three) images from Zenfolio is enabled. Password is PDML. You could play with cropping the FF version(s) to the same size as the APS-C version, then pixel-peeping. Whatever. But the basic issue, can you pixel-shift in APS-C mode, is resolved: Yes, you can.


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