I want that from Pentax: Nikon Portrait Prime 105mm f/1.4E Lens

Igor PDML-StR pdmlstr at komkon.org
Wed Jul 27 12:19:08 EDT 2016

The last 85/1.8 was produced by Pentax in 2004. That's 12 years ago!
And it's 20% shorter and half a stop slower.

Samyang lenses are reportedly good, but they are not AF. (And I don't 
remember if they are FF. Not that it matters for at this time, ... until I 
got K-1).


... and the last 135 mm was produced by Pentax in 2000!


  J.C. O'Connell Wed, 27 Jul 2016 09:04:45 -0700 wrote:

85mm f1.8  close enuff

On 7/27/2016 10:45 AM, Igor PDML-StR wrote:
> I just received a notification  from B&H...
> Something like that from Pentax would be great!
> Igor
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