PDML Photo Calendar - Cast your votes

Jostein pdml at alunfoto.no
Mon Jul 18 16:56:12 EDT 2016

Another great product, Mark!
Thanks for putting my Dipper-shot in there, November seems like a very 
appropriate month for it.

Den 18.07.2016 19.26, skrev Mark Roberts:
> OK, it's on line and ready to go. The first PDML Photo Calendar
> features 12 great photos, with no flower or cat photos and only one
> sunset(!) Thanks to everyone who voted for shots to be included. The
> only tough decision making was for photographers who had two of their
> photos voted in (predictably, Annsan, Mark Cassino and Jostein).
> Here it is:
> http://www.lulu.com/shop/pdml/pdml-photo-calendar-2017/calendar/product-22793174.html

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