OT Invitation Scotchtrek Sept 10th, Felton CA

Larry Colen lrc at red4est.com
Mon Jul 18 14:02:41 EDT 2016

Since Single Malts seem to be a popular topic of digression on this 
list, and I suspect more than a couple of the people have also enjoyed 
Star Trek over the past five decades ....

The fiftieth anniversary of Star Trek is a couple days after my birthday 
this year.  Meanwhile, people have been asking for a more serious Tour 
of the Isles, since Whiskymas has become more about just hanging out 
than serious tasting.

So, the plan is that on Sept 10th, we'll be alternating rounds of Scotch 
tasting with watching select episodes from 50 years of Star Trek.  If a 
bunch of people are in town for it and are interested, we could do some 
photo trips one of the days before or after.

Currently the few details are on the book of face. It's very loosely 
organized at this point, more of just a placemarker.


We'll also probably be making homemade ice cream using liquid nitrogen 
and other fun party activities, including a bit of fizzball down by the 

We should also have plenty of crash space for folks from out of town.

Larry Colen  lrc at red4est.com (postbox on min4est) http://red4est.com/lrc

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