Hyperfocal distance and circle of confusion in metadatafile of Pentax K5 and K1

Jos from Holland Jos_from_Holland at 4prof.nl
Sun Jul 17 11:14:42 EDT 2016

Going through the metadata of K5 and K1 files I observed that the 
hyper-focal distance is available, based on the applied aperture and 
focal length.

Wouldn't it be nice if this info was visible on camera for manual 
adjustment, or even better an select-able auto focus mode with 
hyper-focal priority?

Also the circle of confusion is given: 0.02mm for K5 and 0.03mm for K1. 
Considering the a full frame camera will / can be used for larger 
prints, I  would prefer to keep the circle at 0.02mm for K1 as well. Or 
better: user selection of he circle size resulting in corresponding 
hyper focal distance.
Greetz, Jos

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