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Brian Walters supera1000 at
Sat Jul 16 05:39:00 EDT 2016

Perhaps my culinary education is lacking, but what's a butter tart and
why do they need a tour?



On Sat, Jul 16, 2016, at 10:39 AM, David J Brooks wrote:
> So how many here would have thought a butter tart tour would lead to
> photo op. ok i see Corys hand and Marks hand and Dougs hand, thats it.
> I'm disappointed.
> I'm Following the Kawartha  butter tart tour on Facebook. Someone
> commented on how good the tarts are in Little Britain and that their
> 1920 classic car club will be heading to the bakery Saturday around 11
> on route to another event. I asked them politely what time they may be
> there and if they are driving their cars, that i would love to
> photograph the group when they got to the bakery. I got a nice reply
> that they would love to have me there at the stop and take pictures.
> Oh boy i'm so excited. Taking the K-5 and X30
> Dave
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