What it the name of Pentax is Vegan Leather?

Richard Klein pdml at richardklein.org
Tue Jul 12 13:45:12 EDT 2016

I get your gripe with the term 'vegan leather', but I can't make sense out
of the subject line!  Do you mean what if Vegan Leather was the brand name
on our cameras?

On Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 1:35 PM, P.J. Alling <webstertwentysix at gmail.com>

> http://www.adorama.com/bhcsp15i.html?EmailPrice=T
> I mean Holy Bat Guano.  It's Polyurethane or some other plastic. This is
> what's wrong with marketing.  (I was actually kind of hoping that they were
> skinning Vegans, not because I dislike Vegans, it's the romantic in me, I
> guess).
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