"You must have a nice camera!": Results vs. Tools (or Toys)

John Coyle jcoyle at iinet.net.au
Sun Jul 10 20:21:24 EDT 2016

It was said to me just last week, after giving my daughter-in-law a DVD of
photos of her son playing soccer!
Incidentally, they were all taken with an *ist-D and the Pentax 28-105,
using sequential shooting and continuous autofocus, and only one (out of 30)
had failed to catch the right focus point.  Not bad for a 12-year old camera
of which it was said that it was useless for sports!

John in Brisbane

> Igor PDML-StR wrote:
>> Something just hit me, provoking this line of thoughts...
>> Preamble:
>> How many times have you heard (usually from people you don't know
>> closely): "You've got nice photos, you must have a nice camera!".
> I have heard this precisely zero times. I think it's a photographer's 
> Urban Legend.

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