OT Brexit Aftermath

Daniel J. Matyola danmatyola at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 14:00:14 EDT 2016

Politics in the US is insane.  It appears almost rational, however,
compared with what has been going on in England and Europe after the Brexit

Is this right?  The PM resigned, and then the Brexit leaders in his party,
Johnson and Gove, said they are not interested in the job, leaving the
field open to a steon Remain Supporter.  Farange, who started it all, said
"My work here is done," and resigned the leadershipof his party., but
remains a member of the European Parliament.  The Labour Leader won't quit,
so everyone else in his party leadership quit instead.  No one on either
side of the referendum made any plans for what to do if Leave won, and the
current PM refuses to do anything, leaving it up to his successor, who may
be opposed to leaving.  Europe wants Britain to leave now, but Britain
refuses to do anything.  Even if they do, the Scots may have veto power
over the UK's withdrawal, and everyone in Northern Ireland appears to be
applying for Irish passports.

This is a rude analysis of the situation:

And Down Under, things have taken a pretty strange turn as well:

It appears to me that the only person who can look at this without
screaming out loudnis Putin, the Mad Russian.

Dan Matyola

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