Fighting enablement - lens choice question

Malcolm Smith rrvelar at
Thu Oct 29 03:38:34 EDT 2015

Darren Addy wrote:

> Rereading your original post...
> I like to look at my lens line-up as a "team" that I am constantly
> working to upgrade, sometimes in incremental ways.
> What you are describing gives you the opportunity to upgrade yours:
> The 18-55mm you have is essentially just a kit lens with WR. The 16-
> 85mm is a superior lens and is greater at both the wide end and the
> long end (giving you some overlap (55-85) before you HAVE to switch to
> your longer zoom.
> So it would clearly be a Good Move to purchase the 16-85mm and sell the
> 18-55 WR for whatever you can get for it. Now instead of a 18-300mm
> range (with no overlap) you have a 16-300mm (with 55-85 overlap). As a
> bonus (or maybe the entire point of this exercise) you've improved the
> quality of the 18-55 range you previously shot with the WR kit lens.
> How's that for a friendly shove "down the slippery slope"?
> :)

Rats. That is a very good point!

I'll be making the decision later today.

Thanks (I think) Darren,


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